About MCMA

The Missouri City/County Management Association is the professional association of appointed local government administrators in cities and counties. Our members are from both small and large, rural and urban communities who share a common commitment to responsible and responsive government, ethical behavior in the public interest, and professional development to enhance our abilities to effectively serve our communities and our citizens.

The first president of MCMA, Clyde Swank of Charleston, took office in 1952.  The Association began as a department of the Missouri Municipal League, but is today currently incorporated as an independent Missouri 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

The purposes of MCMA are:

  • To aid in the improvement of local government administration and to increase the proficiency of city/county management personnel in Missouri.
  • To encourage and assist city/county management personnel to administer the affairs of their cities in accordance with the best methods developed through training and actual experience.
  • To promote efficiency in local government by encouraging the employment of city/county managers and administrators professionally trained for the technical job of administration.
  • To promote the introduction of the best principles of advanced administrative organization and practice for the proper coordination of all administrative activities under the general supervision of the city/county manager or city/county administrator.
  • To promote in the city/county manager and the city/county administrator a devotion to a high ethical code of conduct, a deep sense of social responsibility to the community, and a firm belief in the worth of the services rendered by governments. 
  • To cooperate with the Missouri Municipal League in carrying out the purposes set forth in its Constitution and Bylaws.

MCMA is the Missouri affiliate for ICMA.