Employment and Transition Resources

Legal Services

In 2021, MCMA established a Legal Services program with the Mauer Law Firm to represent the individual interests of full members in their employment relationship with their city or county. 

To fund the Legal Services program, the MCMA Board of Directors has established a voluntary assessment program of $25 annually, payable with dues. MCMA members are required to participate in the voluntary assessment in order to have access to the legal services benefit.  

Participating full members are eligible to receive up to one hour of consultation time concerning employment issues between the participant and their public employer. Additional consultation and representation is available at the rate of $100 per hour and must be entered into directly between the Mauer law firm and the participant.

The Legal Services program with Mauer Law Firm was established to ensure that administrators/managers going through separation or other employment difficulties would have ready access to competent legal counsel and also to provide assistance to managers taking new positions or renegotiating their employment agreements. Because of the nature of the services being rendered, the MCMA Board has required that the voluntary assessment must be paid from personal, rather than public, funds. The ongoing support of individual MCMA members is important to ensuring that local government managers have access to such services.

For further information, contact: Attorney Steve Mauer, Mauer Law Firm. P.C., 1100 Main Street, Suite 2100, Kansas City, MO 64105. Phone: (816) 759-3300. E-mail: semauer@mauerlawfirm.com.  Emails should contain "MCMA Legal Services" in the subject.

Click HERE if you wish to participate and pay online!

Employment Agreement

The Mauer Law Firm has prepared a Model Employment Agreement available for members to use or reference when negotiating their own employment agreements.  The Model Employment Agreement is available in PDF or MS Word format on the side of this page.

Managers in Transition (MIT)

The Managers in Transition (MIT) is a formal program designed to reach out and support members who are in transition or navigating tough times in their city or county. Please review the MIT Handbook (available on the side of this page) that will walk you through the steps you need to take after you learn you will be leaving your job. Topics covered are exit strategies, a model severance agreement, ICMA & MCMA benefits, the job hunt and many others.

Managers in Transition can have dues waived and receive complimentary conference registration for up to three years. 

If you suddenly find yourself a manager in transition, contact MCMA Program Director Emily Koenigsfeld  for assistance or more information.