1. MCMA Highlights

2020 Awards Winners


Jay T. Bell - Greg McDanel, Maryville

Richard R. Noll -Kim Nakahodo, North Kansas City

2020 Kathleen Mansfield City Management Scholarship Winners

Michael Corbin 

Currently enrolled at: University of Missouri-Columbia
"I am interested in local government service because I want to assist communities in their growth and ensure their maximum potential is realized. It is important for families and long-term residents to maintain and potentially enhance their culture and way of life..."
Endorsed by: Stephen Arbo, City Manager, Lee’s Summit

Kimberly Nakahodo

Currently enrolled at: University of Kansas
"After more than 20 years in local government, I have learned that one of the most important things we can do is ask, listen, engage, include, and empower. My passion lies in community building, removing barriers and silos, and building strong relationships. I love working with extraordinary citizens, stakeholders, businesses, and public and private entities for the betterment of a community..."
Endorsed by: Eric Berlin, City Administrator, North Kansas City  

2020 ICMA Midwest Award Winners

Service Award Recipients

Abimbola Akande - 30 years
Samuel Anselm - 20 years
Alexa Barton - 20 years
Stephen Childers - 20 years
Benjamin DeClue - 10 years
Nicholas Edwards - 10 years
Jason Eisenbeis - 20 years
James Eldridge - 40 years
Christal Weber - 20 years
Jeffrey Lagarce - 25 years
Russell Rost - 40 years
Troy Schulte - 25 years
Lenore Toser-Aldaz - 35 years
Cynthia Wagner - 25 years