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Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce 
Center for Digital Democracy  
Center for Digital Government  
CityTech USA, Inc.  
Digital Government Institute  
NECCC The National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council  
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  
Federal Help Desk Registry  
Fiber For Our Future  
GMIS Government Management Information Sciences - Federal, State & Local Government and Court Resources  
Government Technology's Public CIO Magazine  
Government Technology 
JMLS Academic Programs  
MuniNetGuide - Your Hub for Municipal Related Research  
Public Technology  
Regional Justice Information Services  
Smart Communities  
Steven Clift - Publicus.Net - E-Democracy, E-Government, Politics Online, Internet
Strategies, Public Speaker and much more.
Telecom Information Resources  
The Center for Democracy and Technology  
The COOK Report On Internet  
The Progress & Freedom Foundation  
Welcome to the NATOA Web Site  
White Paper, Case Study and Webcast Library