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Planning Links


About Planning
Annotated Webliography of Downtown Revitalization  
CDFI Fund - U.S. Treasury  
Center for Community Economic Development  
Coalition of Community Development Financial Institutions  
Commercial Investment Real Estate  
Community Development Society  
CUED is now IEDC  
Development Dynamics  
Economic Development Institute at The University of Oklahoma  
Economic Development Online  
Economic TeleDevelopment Forum - Leveraging Telecommunications Infrastructure  
Economic TeleDevelopment Forum - Telecom Infrastructure Policy,
Research, Investment, Marketing, Promotion
Expansion Management Online  
FirstGov – Government-to-Government – Public Safety and Law  
Doctor Downtown 
ICLEI Home Page  
Illinois Tax Increment Association - Building Illinois Communities  
Living Cities The National Community Development Initiative  
MERIC Home  
Missouri Economic Development Council  
Missouri Enterprise  
NACCED - National Association for County, Community & Economic Development  
NAHRO Home Page  
National Association of Development Organizations (NADO)  
National Community Development Association  
National Community Reinvestment Coalition  
National Town Builders Association  
National Trust's National Main Street Center  
National Vacant Properties Campaign  
NEDLC National Economic Development and Law Center  
New Rules Project - Designing Rules As If Community Matters  
NewCities Foundation - Kentucky League of Cities  
North Saint Louis County, Missouri - North County Incorporated  
Planning and Markets An Electronic Journal  
Resources for revitalizing downtowns, BIDS, main street communities and others  
Rural Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities Internet Home Page  
St. Louis County Economic Council  
St. Louis Economic Development - RCGA  
The Funders' Network - Homepage  
The Home Town Advantage How to Defend Your Main Street From Chain Stores  
The New Rules Project - Designing Rules As If Community Matters  
USDA Rural Development--Internet Resources  
Welcome to the Brownfields National Conference Website  
Welcome to The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships  

General Planning

About Planning 
American Land Conservancy  
American Land Rights Association  
American Planning Association - Homepage  
Anthony Downs  
Back to Home  
Berkeley Planning Journal Homepage  
California Planning & Development Report (CP&DR)  
California Planning Roundtable  
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)  
CEOs for Cities  
CharretteCenter Inc  
Citistates Group  
City Comforts Blog  
Community Rights Counsel Taking Back Community Rights  
CoolTown Studios  
Form-Based Codes Institute  
Guides to City & Regional Planning Research - Corps of Rediscovery-1.pdf  
Joel Kotkin  
Journal of Urban Planning and Development  
Land Development Today  
Land Use Law  
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Web Site  
Links For Planners 
Metropolis Magazine  
Newtopia Magazine Environment - Vol.III, Issue 17 Summer 2004  
Online Planners Forum  
Peter Gordon  
PLANETIZEN Planning & Development News, Jobs, & Events.  
Planners Network Home  
PlannersWeb & Planning Commissioners Journal  
Planning Bibliographies  
planum - european journal of planning on line  
Policy Alert # 330  
Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management Resources  
Project for Public Spaces (PPS) Urban Parks Online  
Public Officials Design Institute 
Smart City Home  
Society for American City and Regional Planning History  
The Land Trust Alliance  
Urban Ecology  
Urban Environmental Management  
URBAN PLANNING TOPICS - A Project of the Reason Foundation  
Veritas et Venustas - Jane Jacobs, Dark Age Ahead  
Welcome to Pace Law School  
Welcome To Urban Land Institute  
Community Policy Analysis Center  
Microsoft Customize Links  
Free Hotmail  
Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management Resources 
SAPLING Architecture, Planning & Landscape INformation Gateway   
The Urban History Association  


Community Sustainability Database 
Creating Quality Places  
Grist Magazine Environmental news and humor  
Joint Center for Sustainable Communities  
Livable Cities for the 21st Century New Urbanism II  
Partners for Livable Communities  
Preview of Can our cities be made livable  
Sustainability indicators for Community in Sunnybank Brisbane Queensland Australia  
Sustainability Tools and Resources  
Sustainable Communities Network Home Page -- Welcome!  
Sustainable Development Communities by Choice - Sustainable Development  
Sustainable Development Primer  
Sustainable Measures  
American Farmland Trust Saving the Land that Sustains Us  
Best Practices & Local Leadership Programme  
Beyond Brilliance, Beyond Stupidity  
Campaign for Sensible Growth - Charrette Information  
City Pollution - City and Urban Crime Reduction - City and Urban Transportation - City and Urban Economics - Urban Sprawl - Vic  
CNU Congress for the New Urbanism  
The Suburbia Project  
Critical Planning  
Fundaci—n Metr—poli  
Harmony Township  
Joseph Terry - New Urbanism Links  
Links to new urban resources  
Mass CPTC - Home  
National Town Builders Association  
Neighborhoods Online National  
New Urban Living Home  
New Urbanism  
New Village Journal, Building Sustainable Cultures  
NRDC Cities & Green Living Smart Growth Sprawl - New Urbanism  
Partners for Livable Communities  
Periferia New Urbanism Bibliography  
Planning and Markets An Electronic Journal  
RUT Radical Urban Theory  
Smart Communities Network - Creating Energy Smart Communities  
Smart Growth America  
Smart Growth Leadership Institute  
Smart Growth Online  
Sprawl Watch A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments  
The Center for Land Use Interpretation  
The Mayor's Institute on City Design  
The National Charrette Institute  
The Seaside Institute - New Urbanism Forums and Seminars  
The Town Paper  
u r b a n S i m u l a t i o n . c o m  
Green Space Design  
Urban Advantage Web Domain  
Urban Residue
Welcome to New Urban News  
Welcome to the Neighborhood Design Center  
Welcome to Vermillion, North Carolina  


1000 Friends of Oregon Working to Keep Oregon, Oregon 
A Toolkit for Quality Growth  
About the Sprawl Net  
Breaking Issue Sprawl Brawl  
CEDS Defending Your Community from Poorly Planned Land Development  
Community Rights Counsel Taking Back Community Rights  
Environmental Protection Agency Smart Growth  
GMI Home Page  
Growth Management  
Solutions Not Sprawl   
Indicators of Urban Sprawl  
International Bulldozer Blockade  
ME3 - Sustainable Minnesota - Sprawl Resources  
PreserveNet Stopping Suburban Sprawl  
Rocky Mountain Institute 
Smart Growth at the Federal Trough EPA's Financing of the Anti-Sprawl Movement  
Smart Growth Guide-Title  
Smarter Land Use  
Sprawl Busters ~ International Clearinghouse for Anti-Sprawl Information  
Sprawl City  
Sprawl Guide  
Sprawl Information Center  
Sprawl Kills  
Stopping Sprawl - Sierra Club  
The Sprawl Problem Myths, Solutions, Action Population-Environment Balance  
Urban Sprawl Good for Minorities  
Welcome to the Environmental Justice Resource Center @ Clark Atlanta University  
Welcome to the Office of Smart Growth  



Bicycle Advocacy Alerts--Missouri Bicycle Federation 
Bicycling Street Smarts  
Bike Plan Source Home Page  
Bike Safety Sheets  
Local Cycling  
PreserveNet Transportation and Development Politics  
Streets for People  
The Missouri Bicycle Federation  
Walking Policy and Planning - Building Communities with Pedestrians in Mind    

General Transportation
About The Center for Transportation Research  
American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)  
Anti-Icing Virtual Clearinghouse  
Asphalt Nation  
Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations  
ATR Institute  
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)  
Carfree Cities  
Center for Transportation Studies - University of Minnesota  
Center for Urban Transportation Research - welcome.  
CFTE - Center for Transportation Excellence  
CPTED Handbook  
IIHS-HLDI Crash Testing & Highway Safety  
Information Station  
Innovative Transportation Technologies
Institute of Transportation Engineers -- ITE  
Institute of Transportation Studies  
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Online  
Institute for Transportation Research and Education  
ITS America Home  
ITS Architecture  
Less Traffic  
Local Public Agency  
Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)  
CTAA Magazine  
Mineta Transportation Institute - Glossary of Terms  
Mineta Transportation Institute  
MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics  
MoDOT's gateway guide. Changing the way St. Louis travels.  
National Center For Bicycling & Walking and the Active Living Resource Center  
National Highway Institute  
National Transportation Library  
National Transportation Safety Board  
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  
Office of Highway Policy Information - FHWA  
Rebuild America - Improving quality of life in communities through energy solutions  
Rural ITS   
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering - TREC  
TCRP Home Page  
Texas Transportation Institute  
Traffic Engineering and Transportation Engineering Search Directory - TrafficLinq  
Traffic Reports & Alerts  Real Time Traffic  Road Conditions  Delays  
Transit Oriented Development Advocate  
Transportation Environment Research Program - FHWA  
Transportation Library of Northwestern University  
Transportation Northwest  
Transportation Research Board 
Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS)  
Univ of Wisc-Milw, Center for Urban Transportation Studies (CUTS) 
University of California Berkeley Pavement Research Center  
Urbanity How to make America more walkable  
UTC at UIC  
Victoria Transport Institute  
Victoria Transport Policy Institute  
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center  
Walkable Communities, Inc.  
Welcome to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety  
Welcome to Great Streets!  
WELCOME TO MATC (Mid-America Transportation Center)  
Welcome to National Transit Institute  
Welcome to NTCIP  
Welcome to the STPP Transportation Action Network  
Welcome To UMTRI