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Membership Categories for MCMA

Section 1.  Full Membership

Any duly appointed chief administrative officer (city manager/administrator) of any municipality in the State of Missouri or anyone qualified to be a full member of the International City/County Management Association may hold Full Membership in the Association.

Section 2. Associate Membership

Any former city manager or city administrator now residing in Missouri, administrative assistant, professor, staff member of recognized governmental instrumentality, or other municipal official of the State of Missouri, who subscribes to the purposes of this organization, may hold Associate Membership in the Association.

Section 3. Life Membership

Any member who has retired from active service with a municipality and who, in the opinion of the governing body, has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the profession, may be granted a life membership by unanimous vote of the governing body.  Benefits for life members include a waiver of the annual dues and complimentary registration at the Annual Spring Seminar.

Section 4. Student Membership

Any student of public administration who subscribes to the purposes of this organization may hold Student Membership in the Association.

Section 5.  MCMA membership belongs to the individual, not to the employing local government/agency.


Section 1.         Annual dues, payable in advance, shall be $75.00 for full membership, with $10.00 to be earmarked for the MCMA Kathleen Mansfield Scholarship Program; $40.00 for associate membership, with $5.00 earmarked for the MCMA Kathleen Mansfield Scholarship Program and $10.00 for student membership in this association.  Dues shall become due and payable annually on July 1. If they become delinquent for a period of two months after the due date, the member loses his right to participate in the Association until all delinquent dues are paid.

Section 2.         Upon written request to the President, a MCMA member may apply the amount of one year MCMA membership dues to first year International City Management Association membership dues.