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MCMA Committee Volunteer Form

  1. MCMA Committee Volunteer Form 2022/23

    This form is for people to self-nominate for committee membership. MCMA's current committee makeup is as follows:

  2. Ethical Conduct

    Reviews and investigates any claims of misconduct of a member, including sexual harassment and bullying. The ECC serves as an advisory and investigative board for the Board of Directors, which is responsible for levying final determinations, including that of discipline and possible expulsion. 

  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Pam Hylton, Chair

    Works proactively to make our association welcoming to all members and remove any barriers to individuals and groups of our fellow members to full and active contribution and participation in MCMA and in our profession in Missouri.

  4. Spring Conference Planning Committee - Bola Akande, Chair

    Organizes, plans and implements MCMA’s annual spring conference. The spring conference joins quality education with excellent networking opportunities and serves as MCMA's premier annual event.

  5. Awards Committee - Stephen Arbo and Jessica Hoffman, Co-Chairs

    Evaluates nominees for and selects winners of the Jay T. Bell and Richard R. Noll awards. Chaired by the immediate two past winners for each award. 

  6. Winter Workshop Planning Committee - Jessica Hoffman, Chair

    Organizes, plans and implements MCMA’s annual Winter Workshop. The winter workshop is a one-day event that features education for city/county managers. Excellent way to get to know your peers in the association and gain experience planning an event.

  7. Nominating Committee - Ben DeClue, Chair

    The Nominating Committee shall invite members to submit recommendations for nominations, including self-nominations, for positions on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee's work is guided by the policies adopted by the Board of Directors and the Bylaws.

  8. Membership Outreach

    Formerly the Welcome Committee, now renamed to reflect its broader mission. This committee is one of the most active in the association. The Membership Outreach committee reaches out to new members to help them rapidly become active in our association. They work to identify and recruit new prospective members from cities and counties throughout the state and to reach out to inactive members. The committee also reaches out to members in transition to provide support and notifies the Board of Directors of member retirements and untimely passings.

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