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   “The Missouri City Management Association is the professional association of appointed local   
government administrators in cities and counties. Our members are from both small and large, rural and urban communities who share a common commitment to responsible and responsive government, ethical behavior in the public interest, and professional development to enhance our abilities to effectively serve our communities and our citizens.”

Congratulations Award Recipients!


Jay T. Bell recipient: DJ Gehrt, City Adminsitrator, Platte City.

Presented by Craig Owens, City Manager, Clayton, last year's recipient. Pictured (left to right) Frank Offutt, Mayor, Platte City, DJ Gehrt, Craig Owens, John Higgins, Alderman, Platte City and Bob O'Neill, Jr., former Executive Director, ICMA.



Richard Noll recipient: Anthony Traxler, Dir. Public Works/ Asst. City Manager, Maplewood.

Presented by Jennifer Gray, last year's recipient.


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